Friday, March 20, 2015


I saw a list of names that are going extinct.  It must have been extinct for some time now though because I have actually never heard of it.  Its kinda of interesting and I want to keep saying it.  I am not sure if its a girls or boys name but I picture a girl when I say it.  It's growing on me and I think its adorable.  I am really liking this.  Why on earth would a cute name like this go away?

Saturday, March 14, 2015


ok those first 3 letters in the name all look the same. Lets try that in lower case so u can see it better illiana,  an I then 2 L's lol, sorry I guess with this font I have for the Post Title was not the best choice.  So anyway I saw this on someones name list and I had never heard of it before.  Since I don't know of alot of I names I had to steal it for my blog. 

Friday, March 13, 2015


ok not that uncommon I guess but I don't ever hear it.  I had a cousin named Kirk but he had an accident on his dirt bike before he graduated high school and sadly he died.  He has a twin brother though named Keith.  I am not all that found of the name Kirk but its one that I don't hear often and why we are on the topic I also don't hear Keith, Bryan, Curtis, Tony, Brandon or Matthew all that often anymore.  There are many more but I am drawing a blank right now.  Maybe I just don't get out much but it seems to me that these are fading out a bit.  I was thinking of how to make Kirk a girls names and I came up with Kirklyn.  I think it sounds cute and that was gonna be my name of the day but then I remembered there is a Kirkland's decor store so that crushed that idea.  Since I don't do much boys name I will just do Kirk for today then. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Sorry for lack of posts I have had family visiting for the past 2 weeks.  

 I saw this name in the news recently but it was spelled different.  It was spelled Zephany, which could also mean that its not pronounced the same.  I am trying to figure out if Zephany is pronounced like Stephanie but with a Z or like Zeh-fawn-ee.  I changed the spelling because I didn't want to look at it and think of Stephanie, but now it looks like Gwen Stefani's last name, so either way it looks like something.  I am also pronouncing this like Stefani but with a  Z in place of the St of course.  You could spell this Zefani if u want the sound isn't gonna change much.  I like the look of Zefani better but I like how Zafani feels when u write it, its somehow easier to write.  I think this could work for both genders. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I just threw together.  I like this much better than Malia.  Lia is pronounce like Leah.  Maybe I should change the spelling.  This should be pronounced just like Presidents Obama's daughter Malia but with a V.  There is a movie called Wont Back Down that has a character named Malia (and I did put this on my blog) but they pronounced it like Molly & Leah. So I am kinda confused right now.  But for me I will be pronouncing this name like Vuh-Lee-Uh

Monday, February 23, 2015


boys names are hard to come up with so I apologize for not posting alot of boys names.   I came up with this name the other day, I looked it up and don't see this name anywhere but I do see Kylan;  I kinda like the D on the end though.  I think this is really cute.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


wow a Jen name that is actually uncommon, at least I think it is.  This is one of my cousin's grand daughter's name.  Everyone calls her Jenna so I never actually knew her real name was Jenica til a few weeks ago.  Why go by Jenna when your name is so much cooler than that?  I would totally go by Jenica if it were me and if I was gonna nick name myself i would go with Nica, but thats me.  Anyway its a pretty name and wanted to share it :-)