Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I was gonna post another name today but was still toying with another in my head and came up with Hensli.  When I googled it I saw a few companies that were under the name Hensley, some of these companies look family owned so this is probably a last name but would be cute as a first or middle which ever way you want to spell it. 

Monday, March 31, 2014


This is a last name that could also be a first name.  I could be a nice change from Brenden which is still kinda cute but if you are looking for something a bit more fresh then Brenden maybe you will like this. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I was looking through one of my baby name books recently thinking how I miss posting daily.  This listed as being a form of Hilary and means cheerful and I do believe its also Gaelic.  Being Gaelic I immediately thought "oh no I bet its not pronounced how it looks at all.  I went to to see what they have and they have it pronounced as  it looks uh-l-air-r. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Celeb Baby Names 2013


Rosie O'Donnell: Dakota (joins) Chelsea Belle, Blake Christopher, Parker Jaren, Vivienne Rose
Lily Allen: Marnie Rose (joins) Ethel Mary
Jennie Finch: Paisley Faye (joins) Diesel Dean & Ace Shane 
Elton John: Elijah Joesph Daniel (joins) Zachary Jackson Levon
Shakira: Milan
Kara DioGuardi: Greyson James

Cam Gigandet: Rekker Radley (joins) Everleigh Rae
John Cho: TBA (joins) Kage
Steve Martin: TBA
Bryan Adams: Lula Rosylea (joins) Mirabella Bunny
Hugh Grant: Felix (joins) Tabitha
Howie Dorough: Holden John
Mercedes McNab: Vaunne Sydney

Holly Madison: Rainbow Aurora
Lisa Ling: Jett
Steve Madden: Goldie Ryan (joins) Jack & Stevie
Harold Perrineau: Holiday Grace (joins) Wynter Aria & Aurora
Veronica De La Cruz: Hartley Eric
Kristen Bell: Lincoln Bell
Jeremy Renner: Ava Berlin

Tom Arnold: Jax Copland
Shannan Click: Sage Lavinia
Jenna Bush: Margaret Laura
Georgian Chapman: Dashiell Max Robert
Malin Akerman: Sebastian
Poppy Montgomery: Violet Grace (joins) Jackson Pillip
Ian Ziering: Penna Mae (joins)Mia Loren

Chely Wright: George Samuel & Everett Joseph
Nick Garcia: Emerson Jay
Ron Livingston: Gracie James
Channing Tatum: Everly
Reggie Bush: Briseis
Kim Kardashian: North

Jessica Simpson: Ace Kanute (joins) Maxwell Drew

Busy Philipps: Cricket Pearl 
Tracy Morgan: Maven Sonae
Eli Manning: Lucy Thomas (joins)Ava Frances
Kevin Richarson: Maxwell Haze (joins) Mason
Ali Landry - Valentin Francesco (joins) Estela Ines & Marcelo Alejandro
Alana de la Garza - Liv Elena (joins) Kieran Thomas
Anna Chlumsky - Penelope Joan
Oliver Hudson - Rio Laura (joins) Bodhi Hawn & Wilder Brooks
Hilary Scott - Eisele Kaye
Prince William & Kate :-) - George Alexander Louis
Penelope Cruz - Luna(joins)Leonardo
Jimmy Fallon - Winnie Rose
Megyn Kelly - Thatcher Bray (joins) Yardley Evans & Edward Yates
Evan Rachel Wood - TBA
Kris Allen - Oliver Neil

Vince Vaughn - Vernon Lindsay (joins) Locklyn Kyla
George Lucas - Everest Hobson (joins) Amanda, Katie & Jett
Alec Baldwin - Carmen Gabriela (joins) Ireland
Cacee Cobb / Donald Faison - Rocco (joins) Kobe, Dade & Kayla
Michael Buble - Noah
Jaime Lynn Sigler - Beau Kyle
Josh Duhamel / Fergie (Stacy)- Axl Jack

Mario Lopez - Dominic (joins) Gia Francesca
Jordana Brewster - Julian

Racael Leigh Cook - Charlotte Easton
Halle Berry - Maceo Robert (joins) Nahla Ariela
Ivanka Trump - Joseph Frederick (joins) Arabella Rose
Zac Hanson - George Abraham Walker (joins)John Ira Shepherd & Junia Rosa Ruth

Michelle Monaghan - Tommy Francis (joins) Willow Katherine
Emile Hirsch - Valor
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Autumn James

Brooke Anderson - Lily Georgina
Lee Brice - Ryker Mobley
Kate Winslet - Bear Blaze (joins) Mia & Joe

Top 5 Favs (in order)

1) Briseis
2) Everly
3) Maven Sonae
4) Ava Berlin
5) Rainbow Aurora

1) Jax Copeland
2) Milan
3) Axl Jack
4) Thatcher Bray
5) Lincoln Bell

Least Favs Of The Year
George Abraham Walker


Ok lets do a  boys name.  I am not a fan of the name Abraham however I do think it will be one to grow on me in time, but right now its not working for me.  So shortening it a little by dropping the A and removing the H and an A and we get Bram.  As soon as u say Bram you just want to say Bram Stoker's Dracula.  If your able to forget about the movie when u say the name then I think this name is really cute and could see this name easily gaining popularity.  Say it a few times out's cute huh!?!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I was playing with another name on here trying to come up with a different option for mainly a middle name that flows with another I have in mind and I ended up coming up with Erella.  I do not like this spelling but not sure how to change it if I could.  I am pronouncing this like Eh-rehl-luh.  I think its sounds pretty but hate the spelling, something about the Ere just doesn't look good. 

ok i am actually fine with the spelling now :-) just took a few days to grow on me

Sunday, March 16, 2014


I over heard a mom telling someone their newborn's name and I do believe she said "Pippin".   I could have heard it wrong but even if I did this is not a name I have posted yet so lets do it.  I really need to see this on a kid to see how it fits, ok yes I saw it on that baby when the mom was holding it but I need to see on a baby bigger than 2wks old.  Without seeing it on a walking talking toddler its just really hard for me picture this as a name, I half like it and half feel like "what?".  I can not even imagine it on a teenage boy or an adult.   Its cute and all but it stops at cute, there is nothing beyond cute about it.    Anyone know any Pippin's? Does the name seem to fit them?